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PE Wicker Furniture and Outdoor Cushions Maintenance Tips

Summer is just around the corner in Australia and the weather is warming up. Time is right to get your backyard garden ready to have some good fun, whether it be BBQs with friends, days spent by the pool, or morning coffees enjoyed in the sun.

Don’t forget to clean your outdoor furniture. After a long winter, all it needs may be just a little TLC. Here are some easy general tips for cleaning your polyethylene (PE) Wicker Lounge Sofa Set as an example, and making sure it’s ready for family and friends in this summer.

PE Wicker

Outdoor Pool side Loungers with tea table
Outdoor Poolside Loungers with tea table

Wicker furniture has been the go-to choice for decks, patios, and porches for hundreds of years. These days, outdoor furniture is commonly made from PE resin wicker, sometimes called PE rattan.

PE wicker furniture is durable and lightweight and easy to move around, comes in a variety of colours, is resistant to UV rays and water, plus the fabric cushions help give it a touch of luxury.

Using traditional weaving technique on a metal or wooden frame, PE wicker furniture makes it an excellent choice for your patio furniture set and doesn’t require much care, and is very easy to clean.

From time to time, vacuum out the dust, dirt and even spiders that tend to settle in the crevices of the furniture throughout the year. If there excessive buildup of dirt in the crevices, use a low-pressure hose every few weeks to clean the furniture.

If soiled, use a sponge and a mild oil-based soap and some warm water to remove the stubborn dirt. Rinse it off and allow it to air dry or under the sun. Avoid using foam cleansers which can get into the woven strands and begin to collect, causing it to deteriorate.

Also regularly check the weave to make sure that it hasn’t moved from its place. Just use finger to set it back if moved. Do sit on damp wicker furniture, as it might get sag.

Outdoor Cushions

Good quality outdoor cushions give outdoor furniture a touch of luxury. They are easier to clean as often made from durable mould-resistant and UV resistant fabric, and are also less inclined to fade.

Outdoor 8 Seater Sofa Lounge – with cushions and table

If cushions and mattresses are left outside on outdoor furniture, check regularly for grass stains and stains from pets especially cat or birds. These are not hard to get rid of though. Using basic cleaning ingredients is the best way to bring new life back to your cushions.

To remove tough stains, using a spray bottle and mixing dish-washing soap (1 Tsp), Borax (1 Tsp), and warm water (1 Quart), saturate the material of the cushions.

To get rid of any mold or mildew, be sure to soak both sides of the cushion generously.

Allow for about fifteen minutes to completely dry. Then use a garden hose to spray off the solution and remove any dirt. Once it’s done, stand the cushions up so they can dry.

Now that you know how to clean outdoor furniture, get ready for some fantastic fun time on the patio! Happy Gatherings!