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All4furnishings offers a high-quality oak furniture collection for your dining room, living room, bedroom, and workplace. Oak is a type of hardwood, which is durable, heavy with beautiful grain. Oak stains well or it can be coated in a clear urethane to exhibit its natural beauty. Oak is resistant to wear, scratching and dents, so it works well for furniture that will get heavy daily use. Oak is the most popular wood for American and European country styles. In fact, it is a popular choice for nearly all furniture types and styles. So why is oak so popular?


Traditionally, soft woods such as pine were used in such places as they are more readily available, but oak is rapidly becoming a rival. Oak is a very versatile wood when it comes to making furniture. It is often associated with traditional furniture styles, but it also fits into a modern aesthetic. Oak has the strength to withstand use in seating, tables, beds and other furniture pieces. Oak is a suitable option for dining tables that get lots of use. The heavy weight of oak is ideal for dining chairs and beds to keep them stable. But you can choose oak pieces for every room and purpose to create a coordinated look.

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Timeless Durability

Oak is a type of wood with a rich history, it is readily available in many parts of the world and having been used by several countries and cultures over the past several centuries. It is also extremely hard and durable, having a density of 0.75 g/cm3, which is extremely dense and strong for use in furniture. Hardwood has a tendency of being stronger and lasting longer. The density, along with high tannin content, makes oak more resistant to both insect and fungal attacks. Oak furniture is very hard, which means it is very resilient and long lasting. Pieces made from oak are less likely to show signs of wear or damage.

Oak trees grow slowly compared to softwood such as pine. Because the trees need a longer growth period, oak wood tends to cost a lot more. That slow growth also produces dense wood, which creates a strong, durable construction that holds up well for many different applications.

Using oak in furniture is nothing new, and the trend isn’t going to change. That means choosing a piece of oak furniture is something that grows with you as your style changes. The timeless look you get from oak makes it a solid choice for any furniture application. This also makes oak an environmentally sound choice by reducing waste and preserving resources.

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Value Longevity

Oak wood does cost more than softwood like pine due to the longer growing time. However, a piece of oak furniture will last indefinitely with proper care. When you spread the cost out over the decades of use you get from the furniture, the cost is very reasonable.

Furniture made from oak has the potential to last decades. Not only does it look better, it is also holds up much better than cheaper particle board or MDF board. Many oak pieces are passed down through the generations because they are so strong and enduring.

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Low Maintenance

If you want a low-maintenance option when choosing furniture for home, oak tends to require less work to maintain the original appearance. Oak furniture needs occasional cleaning and polishing, but it retains its good looks without a lot of care on your part. Oak furniture resists warping over time, which adds to its longevity. And it experiences minimal shrinkage and expansion.

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We’re passionate about Oak hardwood furniture here at All 4 Furnishings. We really believe it makes them a great investment for your home. We never compromise on the quality of the materials used in our products, bringing you the best quality at the best value. So, please check our shop to find a piece or more of Oak furniture for your home.